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SUPREME INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA LIMITED is a public limited company whose registered office is near IIT Powai, Mumbai. First, the company was incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 as Supreme Asphalts Private Limited and was promoted by Shri. Bhawanishankar H. Sharma along with other promoters in the year 1983. Subsequently, the company changed its name to Supreme Infrastructure India Private Limited in 2002. It became a public limited company by the name Supreme Infrastructure India Limited in 2007.

The company’s Board of Directors is constituted by people having more than 25 years of experience in the field of Civil Construction Projects & Agency Business.

SUPREME INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA LIMITED is one of the promising companies in India having turnover of Rs. 19910 millions as of 31-3-2013. The company has been formed to undertake engineering works of unrestricted value with most of the Government departments, public & private sector organisations. It is tribute to the company’s outstanding performance that national & international contractors have expressed their interests for partnership on equal footing for mega size projects.

Apart from the latest methods and techniques, the company has introduced automation in its working styles. Use of QA / QC methods, Project Management & Control Tools, Safety Manuals, is the hallmark of company’s operations. As an organisation, it is always on the move to improve its productivity further by resorting to new management of tools as they become available.

The company does not rest on the laurels and continues to endeavor towards the future progress & development to reach the peaks of the engineering professions viz, Excellence, Expediency and Economy. And, by doing this, it is proud to say that it can carry out the construction works in keeping with these three E's.

Supreme Infrastructure India Limited (SIIL), received the Excellence Award for its contribution in the field of Economic Development. And our Promoter and Executive Chairman, Mr. Bhawanishankar H. Sharma has been awarded the 'Udyog Ratna Award' from one of the country's premier research institutes 'Institute of Economic Studies' (IES) for his contribution to the Economic Development of Country. This is just a step towards bigger achievements in the future and we wish to thank our investors, clients and people who have placed their trust in us. We will strive to give our best always.